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Through the lens of positive psychology we ask what characteristics do people with high levels of success and happiness possess? or 'what is right with people?'

At TeamOptix, we leverage the power of positive psychology to support high performing teams. Rather than asking what is wrong with us, positive psychology focuses on asking ‘What characteristics do people with high levels of happiness and success possess?’ or ‘what is right with people?’
In asking these questions we seek to identify the skills, behaviours and mindset that can be developed to help us function optimally in the workplace and in life generally. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean that we ignore more traditional approaches to psychology or our deficits. However, it does mean that we focus on moving beyond ‘normal’ to ‘thriving’ and performing at the most optimal level through high challenge and high support.
It is important that we address our deficits or weaknesses, however, research continues to show that this approach alone does not prevent problems from arising. We need to develop skills and a mindset that support well-being and high performance. This involves understanding how our personality develops, how our mind works and how we can develop skills to modify behavior and thought processes to function more optimally.
As counterintuitive as it may seem, removing deficits does not automatically lead to wellbeing or high performance. Getting rid of anger, fear, or depression will not lead to calmness and joy. Positive wellbeing strategies and skills need to be developed and nurtured.
When engaging in appraisal or personal development, we often focus on fixing weaknesses in order to improve performance. Again, the hope is that in dealing with a deficit, we will create optimal performance. However, this is not the case, we benefit most from focusing on strengths and leveraging these to create performance gains.
The simple fact is that strengths will not develop if we don’t pay attention to them. A growth mindset and mastery approach remind us that we must work on developing our skills and applying them in different situations. After all, confidence comes from successfully deploying our strengths and skills in the real world.

All of this means nothing if it isn’t tied to organisational objectives and serves the bottomline. The Coaching Evolved Framework and our core expertise ensures that your organisation receives immediate positive impact and strong ROI from your coaching investment.

The Coaching Evolved Framework

Our Expertise.

People analytics and Experiential Learning

TeamOptix's predictive analytics, patented algorithms and state of the art technology combine to give you a timely data-driven diagnostic of team and individual  performance enabling targeted support where it is needed most as you identify teams and individuals that are performing effectively and those in need of support.

Moving beyond simple goal tracking, TeamOptix's diagnostic tools help to track and manage team culture and individual development creating the psychological safety required for high performing teams. Data analytics are provided in a simple and intuitive format that enables managers and team coaches to take early action to support both individual and team development.

Rather than focusing on tradition professional development, in a workplace context, we focus on 'experiential learning', applying a 70 - 20 - 10 approach. Recognising that 70% of learning takes place on the job; 20% through coaching and mentoring; and 10% through formal or more traditional training opportunities. Ultimately this means that your employees can own their development goals and trajectory. This leads to a more highly, engaged, motivated and productive individuals who are able to manage their own development and take an active part in their project teams.

Emotionally intelligent individuals tend to thrive in their personal and professional relationships. Some experts argue that EQ is more pivotal to our success than cognitive intelligence or IQ. TeamOptix supports managers to develop the skills they need to lead with high emotional intelligence and to develop a growth mindset and high EQ in their team members.

Teams with high EQ and growth mindsets are likely to outperform their rivals and create a highly engaging workplace culture.

We build on individual strengths and identify areas for growth with research-backed personal assessments, which become the bedrock for one-on-one coaching sessions with managers. A solid understanding of what makes a person tick will lay the foundation for open, honest, and frequent discussions around career goals, aspirations, feedback, as well as one’s role on the team and in the company, neutralising the tension of performance evaluations.

This data driven approach and early performance conversations mean that the learning journey and activities are timely and immediately meaningful to the individual being coached. This leads to higher personal commitment to engage in the coaching process and to become immersed in the learning.

A dynamic and adaptive curriculum, with media rich learning resources, means that all employees benefit from an engaging curriculum that meets their current learning needs. Further supporting an immersive learning experience that builds commitment to increased workplace performance.

We all know what it feels like when a team is really “humming” — it’s the joy of working with people we trust and respect, who push us and cheer for us, and with whom we share a deep understanding of work styles. A manager-coach that helps us connect the dots on our own work styles can also help us understand our team’s and how we can work better together. Which makes work a lot more fun.

TeamOptix puts your team at the #of its own 'learning story' providing a data-driven personalised learning journey that empowers your team to collaborate and innovate to meet the challenges of an evermore Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous business environment. 

Team personality profiles and team insight profiles are used to provide a data benchmark for the team's learning journey. The team immediately receives personalised, media rich, feedback and begins their learning journey. Our patented algorithms and AI direct teams and team members to the best resources and pathways to support their learning. This is all supported through the  coach collaborating with the team, who experience personal growth through experiential learning.

Managers are the glue that hold a company together. The ones who take organizational objectives and turn them into action. All of which means, for better or worse, managers define and uphold company culture. With so much riding on their backs, they must have the right tools to help their teams thrive. When managers are trained as coaches and learn how to use positive psychology, they can empower employees to problem solve and self-direct their careers.

Externally accredited an endorsed, our coach training supports development right from initial coaching skills, all the way to full diploma level coach training. This gives your managers and HR professionals access to coach training and coaching supervision that can cope with any workplace scenario.

It shouldn't be forgotten that, our AI-driven, easy-to-use platform was designed to scale to any size organisation and seamlessly track data and coaching tools in one place. A vast resource library with thousands of tools for coaches and employees is there any time it’s needed to supplement coaching or career development.

Developing  career pathways that are supported with clear competency frameworks and personalised individual development plans means that internal promotion can become the norm, rather than the exception, and that a more engaged, agile and adaptive culture ensures that your organisation is able to leverage the benefits of sustainable strategic advantage that organisational learning provides.

The presence of clear role descriptions and  pathways lends itself to the development of an appraisal system that places learning and development at the centre of differentiated compensation. However, the tension between adaptive and tactical performance must be maintained with individual and team goals that are aligned to the achievement of organization strategic objectives. This is important as there are many places in which tactical and adaptive performance are at tension and these tensions must be effectively managed if an organization is to go from good to great.

At TeamOptix, we support the crafting of career pathway and appraisal systems that will take your organisation from good to great.

Job, or role design, is one of the most overlooked factors form raising motivation. Stuck in a Tayloristic approach to job design we often look at what is needed, from a tactical perspective, break it down and write it up as a job description. Simply put, we have strategy, we break down into process and the simplest steps to follow. Reducing complexity and creating a process a robot could follow.

This creates workplaces that are immediately not engaging and where agile performance is strangled. At TeamOptix we help you to craft 'jobs' or 'roles' that engage employees, both ensuring tactical and agile performance, whilst also raising engagement and transforming organisational culture. 

Putting individual agendas aside and embracing team success is a corner stone of the collaborative and adaptive team. Emotionally intelligent teams, innovate and outperform the competition leading to significantly greater profitability. Positive conflict is essential to creativity and innovation, however, 80% of leavers say that unresolved conflict is part of the reason they choose to leave.

Managers with mediation and conflict skills help their teams move through conflict to creativity and innovation. It is therefore critical that these skills be developed to ensure the success of your teams.

Psychological safety is the foundation of team collaboration, creativity and innovation. Training team leaders to build safe environments and lead organisation learning, through communities of practice, significantly increases revenue generation. However, hurt and damage that linger even after conflict has been resolved can be a significant barrier to creating psychologically safe environments.

Managers with restorative practice skills help their teams repair damage of negative conflict to return to creativity and innovation. It is therefore critical that these skills be developed to ensure the success of your teams.

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